CLAUNECK Sigil & Summoning.

Due to secrecy and there being alot of unpublished material on Clauneck, his sigil for making direct contact with him is sometimes hard to come by.

This is the Sigil to connect directly with Clauneck.

If you are unsure on how to use a Magickal Sigil, follow these simple steps to start your journey.

1) Print out or draw the sigil in thick black marker on a piece of plain A4 sized paper.

2) Gently gaze at the sigil for a short period of time until you see the outline of the sigil blur or flicker/sightly disappear.

3) Call out to him while still gazing at the sigil and recite "Clauneck i summon you, Clauneck i invoke you, hear my call." Keep repeating this approximately (x10). Be sure that if after this you have not felt a presence around you, don't be disappointed as his energy and demonic spirit will still be forming around you and listening to your call.

4) Ask him for what you need help with and come to a mutual arrangement.

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